Hey Sis, I know how you're feeling

On the surface everything feels manageable right? Life is good and at moments you feel amazing as the woman you are. However, underneath the smile you feel the disconnect deep down, you can avoid the messy, hurtful thoughts in your subconscious mind if you just pretend they don't exist. You feel it deep within that something is missing, you desire to live a life feeling content and happy but you can't understand how to make it possible so you continue everyday showing up as you are, believing that life isn't for you. 

If you've been in this space you'll know how it feels praying for weight loss or the relationship or even the dream job will finally bring you the missing piece you need to feel worthy.

"If I have every piece of the perfect self-love puzzle I'll wake up and finally feel accepting of myself". Believing all your insecurities and pain would dissolve, your pleasure would increase in every aspect of your life and you'll finally chase your dreams.  

Beautiful Lady, I'm Lydia

Welcome to my space. You've finally found me. I'm a self love coach specialising in trauma healing and I help women connect to a life with freedom and fulfilment. I show women the possibilities when they connect inwardly and work through barriers that hold them back from a life with self worth and self love. 

I do this by holding a safe non-judgemental space, listening to women as they share their experiences. This allows me to guide women through their emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. 

The Divine Transformation

A beautiful 10-week container designed to help women transform their lives and begin a journey to discovering the magic of self-love.

Prepare to welcome in abundance, joy, and radical healing that will change your life.

Let me tell you this

If there is one thing I've learnt from coaching women to live a life with self love, it is this: the things we experience throughout our lifetime have a lasting impact. 

Whether that is trauma, a breakup, being emotionally rejected, feeling unworthy, struggling to accept a change in your body, it all manifests deep within and impacts the present moment. All of those blocked or suppressed emotions ruminate deep within and impact the woman you are today, in this very moment. 

We are not born with a disconnect from our bodies and ourselves so what happens? 

We are not taught self-love, we are not made to see our self-worth or express our emotions, we are conditioned to believe we are never enough as we are. We are taught to be 'more' or 'better' and held against collective expectations of what it is to be a woman.

All it takes is one moment

One decision to change your life  by choosing to show up for yourself ❤

Self-love is the juicy centre of our world, it is the essence of everything that we do. It intricately weaves, and beautifully works its way through everything that we desire, manifest and achieve.  

The magic of self-love is there, waiting excitedly for you to take my hand and leap off the edge. For you to trust in the journey and begin to fall unconditionally in love with yourself. 

Let me be honest with you

One of the reasons I'm so effective as a transformational coach is due to my deep wisdom and ability to get deep down into the darkest, scariest parts of my clients. Offering them love, compassion and understanding in the process.

I use a unique range of tools during my 1-1 packages and programmes to guide my clients through the healing process and create a connection that lasts a lifetime.

As women we are not destined to live a life feeling sad about our bodies, letting trauma control us, being frustrated at the job we despite, stressing about money and all the things we lack. Ladies, we are born to LIVE wholeheartedly, not exist, It is our right to enjoy every epic moment this life has to offer. You are here for a reason and you are worth a life filled with connection and love.

It is our right to create a beautiful love story with ourselves!

Client Love

"Wow, Lydia helped me in so many ways. Not only has she accelerated my journey to self-love, body acceptance, food freedom and self-confidence (all unrelated to my trauma) , but she has helped with so many aspects of my trauma. She is a non-judgmental, listening ear for everything that I have experienced , whilst guiding me through my emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions"

Client Love

"I cant thank Lydia enough for my time with her, it has impacted me massively !! Me and my partner finally communicated after so many years of avoiding things and that is down to her. She helped me see things in a different way and I feel so content and happy. THANK YOU LYDIA"

Client Love

"Lydia is magic. That is all I can say, 11 years I supressed my trauma believing (kidding myself) I had dealt with it. I thought what happened to me ruined my life but with Lydia's help I can see that isn't true. She has changed my life"

Client Love

"I have been to many counsellors in the past and always left feeling worse. I spoke to Lydia for an hour on our first session and cried the whole way. I feel like I've finally found someone there to listen to me and help me process all the trauma in my life. She just connects with all her clients and knows what they need and its magical"

Client Love

"Lydia's programme is incredible. The title reflects the outcome. You will develop and grow and change in so many positive ways, and you will come out the other side a completely transformed person. So much self-love, so much clarity and insight for things you didn't understand before"

Are you ready...?

Abundance, freedom, acceptance and love are all waiting for you.

Can you feel it?

Are you ready to begin the healing process and change your life!?