Trauma healing and self love. 

Learn the tools to begin to regain control and heal your soul.

Trauma is a profound experience that many people face. However after facing something traumatic so many people are not educated to understand how it manifests and impacts them in the present, meaning it becomes difficult to gain control and insight. 

So many people believe that are bound to the shackles of trauma with the impact being a lasting memory in their life and changing who they are forever. Whilst it is true that trauma will shape you I have learnt through coaching so many incredible survivors that it does not have to define you and you can take the control back on how it impacts you in the present. 

In this 90minute workshop I will;

- Give you the knowledge to understand what trauma is, the way's it can show up and how it can impact the beliefs you have around yourself. 

- Teach you techniques to begin to liberate yourself from your trauma.

- Show you how self-love can serve as a means of trauma freedom and result in profound healing and growth