Prepare to welcome in abundance, joy, and self-illumination that will change your life.

A beautiful 12-week container designed to help women transform their lives and begin a journey to discovering the magic of self-love.

So many women feel the same as you do and I myself have been there.

♥ The stories that repeat, telling you you're not worthy. 

♥ Living without a voice, not being seen or heard for who you are.

♥ Feeling stuck in a space of disempowerment and self-judgement.

♥ The uncomfortable feeling and lack of trust inside making self love seem impossible.  

♥ The comforting excuse you cling to that allows you to walk away and hide.

Constant comparison to others getting you into a cycle of negative thoughts and feelings.

It becomes difficult to understand what self-love looks like, to connect to the radical shifts it can bring to YOUR life.

That's why I designed this programme with so much energy and love for every single woman who invests in it because it is exactly what I needed when I faced my lowest time. I needed to do the deep work. 

I needed the sisterhood. 

I needed guidance.

Here's what's possible...


If you don't know yourself deeply, how can you be open to receiving deep love from another?

For so long I searched for the answers to change my life. I searched for the diet, the body, the weight, the relationship, anything I could find that would give me the feeling of happiness inside.

The more I searched the further away I became from the answer.

I realised self-love is the answer.


Self Love allows me to feel at home within myself.

It allows me to show up unapologetically, to honour who I am and to stop searching for external things to give me answers.

Self-love is the magic feeling of contentment. Contentment for the woman you are.

Self-love is the strongest foundation any woman can have, you deserve it, to know that happiness can begin RIGHT NOW! 

When you decided to choose yourself, your internal world shifts and begins to expand.


Break old patterns that shatter your self-worth.

 Silence the internal negative voice inside.

Connect with yourself on a deeper level and begin to see yourself for who you really are.

Regain the confidence to live a life with pleasure and abundance.

Lean into vulnerability so you can put the POWER back in your hands.

Clear your internal world so you can be the version of yourself, for you and everyone who adores you.

Make deep connections with like-minded women who hold supportive and safe space for amazing growth.

Every module is intricately designed following my 'cultivate deep self love' framework. Meaning each module blend's beautifully into the next. Hence why we get so deep and the shifts are so profound!

My Framework to cultivate deep self love.


Here we will start to strengthen your level of self awareness. You will turninwards whilst simultaneously starting to open yourself up to exploring andreceiving the feedback you will experience through our work together. Wewill start to gain clarity, look at what it is you truly want and implement smallyet powerful practices that will start to bring you back home to yourself. Wewill look at how you show up fore yourself everyday, parts of yourself youare suppressing and the specific areas in your life which are holding youback . We will start the journey of embodiment by introducing practices thatform the foundation of self love. 


Here we will start to make space within yourself so you can start receiving .We will look at old stories and patterns, let go of anger and past conditioningso that you can create space to be who you want to be and how to live yourlife. We will shed the external forces that are holding you back - work thoughletting go of how you think the world perceives you, the judgment of othersand how you judge yourself . We will also start to cultivate forgiveness - foryourself and others as you leave the older version of you in the past. 


You now understand truly who you are and where you are going and havestarted to put self love into practice. You have opened up the space withinyourself to start to connect with and understanding that self love, self worthand feeling empowered is a source of energy that you can tap into at anytime. We will use your intuition to rewrite old stories and learn to shift yourperception and start to believe that you power and choice to write new andpowerful narratives. 


You are on your way - you have started to realise your power and arestarting to use it in your everyday life to break through barriers holding youback. You will start to feel it in your soul, experience major shifts, things willstart to align and manifest that you didn’t think were possible. You will learnto master the “art of self love” by committing and staying true to the practiseon a deeper level. Learning how to harness your power for you when youare feeling at your lowest and step into it to help change the world aroundyou and impact others. This is a whole body/mind/heart connection. 


As we move into the final stages of our time together we will reflect oneverything you have achieved and what are your visions moving forward.What is the next stage of stepping into your power? We will look at your highlevel goals and what are the tools that you need to keep practising your selflove journey solo as you move into the world with your new found power.

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Juicy Extra's

12 weeks of packed content.

Each module has it's own coaching video, aligned homework and activating meditations that I have personally recorded to take you deep into your internal world. Plus, once you join you get lifetime access.

Live coaching calls.

Join me each week for live coaching calls as we delve into the shifts and unravel things live as a group. Gain access to me as your coach via VOXER group for the 12 weeks/ VIP 1-1 VOXER access. 

Supportive Sisterhood.

Submerge yourself into the supportive container of the Divine. Connect with like-minded women as you evolve and learn the power of sharing your truth with women who want the best for you.

If that wasn't enough, here's an extra sprinkle of magic...

As a heartfelt THANK YOU from me I'm including special bonus recorded sessions:

Trauma healing in the Divine

Become an Abundance Magnet

Creating a life-changing vision board


Over the 10 weeks, you will have 3 special guest coaching sessions from powerhouse women including an intuitive eating coach, a moon/astrology coach and a special divine yoga flow.

INSANE right? Now you know why I get so excited about the container because it blows my mind what occurs in 12 weeks.

It's crazy the value I've packed into this space, thousands of pounds worth of life-changing content all yours for a fraction of the price

Hopefully I work with you soon.

Love, Self Love Lydia x