Intertwine meditation, body connection and mindset shifts that will allow you to deepen into your internal world and unlock the door to self-love.  

Welcome to the divine collective, 

A 5 week meditation programme that will bring you back into yourself in a way unlike no other. I've said this time and time again 

'you are the student but you are also the teacher of your internal world' 

you just need to stop, breathe and listen. All the answers lay inside you and everything you desire is possible if you break down barrier's that keep you small and afraid. If you begin to re programme the limiting thoughts and take ownership for your life, your self love and your self worth. 

This programme consists of 5 modules (Grounding in the present, Self Love, Manifesting, Intuition and Clarity, Letting Go).

 Each module has it's own meditation and PDF filled with journaling prompts to ensure you connect to yourself and begin to create the internal spaciousness needed to connect to the woman you desire to be.