"The beauty of a sunset isn't the visibility of the sun.

The beauty is found as the light fades and changes the sky to colours so vivid they take our breathe away. As the sun disappears and the darkness sets in that is when we capture moments of beauty. As the world around us fades it takes patience to wait for the sky to light up. That patience and faith that the light will shine through is the faith you need to transform your life"

Hey, I'm Lydia.

I'm super happy you want to know more about me ❤

This is the hardest page for me, I struggle to write about myself (as most) so I decided to keep it first person and just write as if I'm talking to a friend. I guess that helps you get a feel for my energy and personality rather than me write it super professional.

The progression to becoming the woman I am today has been a journey, as I tell all my clients, its definitely not overnight, it just takes determination and faith.

Before I was Lydia the self love coach, I was Lydia the personal trainer and before that I spent a long time in a cushy but complex, secure job for the probation/prison service. All it took was one risky decision to change my job and I've never looked back....

The most common thing i get asked is 'Lydia how did you become a self love coach?'

It's definitely been a journey

It all started for me after a tough breakup. Typical right? But I'm sure a lot of you can resonate to this feeling of heartbreak and sadness when you leave a relationship that you gave your all to and saw as your future.

I came out of that dynamic feeling lost, unworthy and defeated. Now what? I definitely internalised a lot of hurt throughout those years against myself which manifested negatively in my attitude towards life and most importantly myself and my body.

What's wrong with me? why aren't I enough? if I give more it will change?

The lack of worthiness became consuming so ,

I projected that on to fitness, striving to become my idea of 'perfect'.

Fitness saved me at the time, I remember feeling so consumed by frustration for my body and my lack of worthiness I took action to change and began my journey in fitness. At first it was amazing and healthy until my lack of internal worthiness reared its ugly head ever so subtly and I began my spiral into needing validation from Instagram booty pictures and training purely to chase an image of perfect I had in my head.

In school I was the 'fat girl' and I always knew I was bigger than my friends (it was openly stated to me). So mix that inner child hurt and feeling of unworthiness from a relationship and boom my need for validation showed up x100. I remember, even now when I think back being in a constant battle in my head over my physical appearance. No matter how much I exercised or how much weight I lost, inside I was desperate for more. More validation, more love, more attention.

The closer I became to my idea of perfect

The further away I became from happiness.

I lost myself trying to make myself.

Welcome to the era of lydfit

Instagram 'fit chick'

I know, not the Lydia you see now! This period in my life was definitely were my biggest struggles showed up. I was focused so much on my external shell putting all my energy into being better however in unhealthy ways. I developed a complex relationship with food and my body which pushed me into a never ending cycle of criticism and the 'more mindset'

Loose more weight

Loose more inches

Train more

Have more discipline

Suck in more

Get more likes and followers

Show more of my body

See how toxic this is! I was unhappy, I was internally unhappy and no matter how many times people told me I looked incredible I never saw it (Hello body dysmorphia).

Until one day I stopped, I listened and I decided I was done. I looked incredible so why wasn't I happy? why did I feel guilty eating food I enjoy? why was I working 12hour days everyday?

I didn't love myself and that's were it all changed. I was done chasing perfection, done wanting to be more, done with diet culture, done with food guilt, done living my life with negative self talk every single day because it became exhausting and most importantly done not living my life!

So, I Quit it all

Grabbed a backpack and travelled the world

That's where the self love truly began. I gave it all up! The job, the man who gave me security, the fitness industry, materialistic objects, the comfort zone I created and I lead with my heart. The only person we need to have it all is.... ourselves!

I felt alive, happy, free flowing and powerful ★

On this trip I truly fell in love with myself. I experienced a range of emotions (good and bad) but I learnt to accept myself in every moment and I also learnt that we can move past it all if we have self love and self compassion.

I realised everything we are conditioned to believe and strive for keeps us small and wanting more. The reality is we can and should love the shit out of ourselves to make our life full of abundance and joy. It was this trip that ignited the desire to share this knowledge with women and teenage girls and shout it from the roof tops that self acceptance is not vanity, self love is not arrogance they are in fact magic. The magic that every women deserves to feel ♡

Since this moment I've made it my mission to touch and help as many women as possible. I've ran events teaching women about the importance of self love, I've got myself into the education system to teach the next generation the importance of good mental wealth and self acceptance, I've held valentines brunches to celebrate women and show them the magic of manifestation and universal power. I've coached women 1-1 to transform their lives, created the divine transformation programme changing lives through the power of sisterhood and self love and I've ran my epic revive retreat. Not bad for a probation officer turned epic self love coach right?!

♥ Just shows you the power of self love, purpose and faith ♥