So, last week I wasn't feeling 100% 

My energy took a dip and I just did not feel like doing anything! Honestly, it’s so unlike me but I didn't want to go the gym, read or plan for my business. I became stuck in the cycle of noticing the negatives and not feeling like I was progressing or moving forward with any self-development or creativity. 

I know we all have these moments, there totally normal and I guess expected on some level when your taking risks and trying new things but I didn't like the mind-set and the outlook I developed. It was unlike me and I found myself wallowing in self-pity and doubt. 

'Why aren't I being noticed?' 'How have these girls got things that I want?' 'Maybe no-one wants to hear about self-love as much as I think?' 'Is it worth it?' 

I done a story on Instagram and shared these feelings with you guys just to show you I have down days and days where I may need to mentally push myself more than others. You know the feeling? the days where you have that little conversation with yourself in your head to motivate you into doing the smallest of tasks.

One thing I have become aware of is how a negative thought over work for example can spiral into every aspect of our lives - we feel negative about work, which carries over to our body image which can carry over to our financial situation and before we know it we are consumed in a cloud of negativity and nothing feels good enough. 

So, what did I do to get myself out of it? I carried out small habits in my day, every day to refocus and realign my energy. I woke up at 6am, drove to costa where I read a book, journaled and worked on my website before I began my office job at 9am. Why was this important? It gave me a focus each morning, it gave me space to work on myself before my day began and it got my energy back feeling positive and motivated. It worked amazingly!!

Whatever your struggling with or feeling a lack of motivation towards, break it down into small steps and include some habits into your day to help you focus yourself on reaching these goals. Remember it’s the small steps that get you to the end goal and it’s the habits every day that make a difference. 

If you have to, wake up or go to sleep an extra 30 minutes early, workout on your dinner, go to a cafe to do an hour of work, schedule 'you time' into your diary. Whatever you need to do find a way to make it work. 

Habits build your future, they are the foundations of success.

Don't forget that 


Love Lydfit xx


October 06, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

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