Hey Girls, 

So last week was a exciting week for me, I done a podcast with Leanne from Radio City 'Ladies of Liverpool' talking all things Self Love and I attended a really good networking event in Liverpool city centre on the Wednesday. 

It was my first networking event so I was slightly sceptical about what to expect but I really enjoyed it, it was so cool to be in a room with a group of strong, independent business women and just connect and share energies. It defiantly gave me a boost of powerful female energy!

Meeting new people I've found myself discussing my brand and passion a lot more (its expected when people don't know you) and a lot of people have asked me the same questions

Lydia what is self love to you? 

What do you want to achieve? 

Why is it so important? 

Il admit, when I was asked these questions at first I didn't know how to respond! I mean what is self love to me? Its my bread and butter, its something that has become apart of me so I don't tend to think about it because I carry that energy around with me everyday. However, when you get thrown in the deep end at a networking event to do a two minute business pitch thats not really an answer thats going to suffice ha! 

So it got me thinking, What does self love mean to me? To me self love is the foundations of my femininity and my being. It is the energy you feel when your around me and the subconscious/conscious habits I carry out every single day to ensure I treat myself with respect and love. Self love for me is being able to fall in love hard without carrying over fear or doubt from the past because I know I will walk away and be ok if one of my limitations is broken. 

Self love for me is feeling sexy within my skin without the need for someone else to validate that energy or give me permission to ooze that energy. For me, my sex appeal comes from a strong mindset, how I carry myself, being in tune with my body and understanding what I like and dislike, privacy of my intimacy and my body and doing things for myself and my own future. 

Self love for me is the ability to become vulnerable, take risks and deal with hard situations life brings our way! No-one owes us anything in this life and I feel sometimes as humans we believe this life is a practise run for another time or life should be fare and full of happiness and that is not the case! Life doesn't owe us anything, we have to work for it and except hard times will come because its a process to teach growth and gratitude every time we take a fall. 

So when people ask me why I think self love is important, I think the reasons I've stated above are enough to show why I am so passionate about it ha-ha! Its something that comes from the heart for me and Its been one hell of a journey to get to where I am but I absolute adore the woman I've become. Im so proud of her and I will continue to work on myself everyday to be the best version I can be and help women get to where I am! Let me ask you,

Do you fail to appreciate who you've become? 

Measure your self worth on your body? 

Compare your to others and miss the beauty and the joy of who YOU are as a woman? 

Take 5 minutes to write down what self love means to you. Whats the harm? None and it will allow you to think about what you want and how you want to feel about YOURSELF!

Trust me girls, once you begin to raise your self worth and live by that its hard to go back because you know you deserve more and you will not settle for less.  

Until next time girls,

Stay Grateful.


Lydfit xx 

September 30, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

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