Hey Girls, 

I write these blogs in advance and this week’s it’s been a funny week, I mean amazing in terms of new ventures and business as I released the tickets for The Self Love Masterclass but slightly daunting for me personally. My head has been full of self-doubt and limiting beliefs and its totally messing with my vibe. 

Self-doubt is a crazy thing. I mean its absolutely natural and expected when we face change and time in the unknown but it’s those emotions that lead us down the path of negativity and make us unsure in our decisions and our ability. I mean think about a time you’ve faced change? How many of you have begun making up false scenarios in your mind? ‘what if this, what if that’? We all do it, it’s part of the process but it’s how we deal with those thoughts that shape our decisions and our future.

For me, I believed I was 100% confident in my ability and I thought I had the tools to deal with limiting beliefs and negative thoughts so you could imagine my confusion when my therapist suggested we do some work around self-confidence ‘what me? Self-confidence? I’m confident!’ Girls, it turns out I’m not 100% ha! Especially when it comes to business that is my vulnerability, we all have them and a lot of the time we may not even notice it. Let me tell you, Vanessa noticed, she noticed early on in our session as I say a lot of things like ‘if tickets don’t sell’ ‘if people don’t like it’ ‘if I don’t do well’ and it is killing my vibe!!!

 Since our session I have taken the time this week to become aware of any limiting beliefs that come into my head, which has been really beneficial! How many of us pay attention to what we are actually thinking and why that may be? Or do we go about our business with a train of thoughts popping in and out our mind? It’s been interesting to see how these beliefs manifest in my behaviour, it’s like another layer of myself has been exposed and I have to take the time to understand and work on it. The crazy thing is, I know I’m going to be successful, I manifest it every day, work towards it and I feel it in my heart because I’m so passionate about my message so these periods of self-doubt completely catch me off guard when the ego begins to creep in.

 For me now I feel completely vulnerable and open to judgement based on my success of my first masterclass. I know that’s stupid because it’s my first ever event and I’m doing it on my own. What’s beautiful is that for me, the essence of self-love is vulnerability and fear. Do you understand how much courage it takes to even be 1% vulnerable? Think of a time you’ve laid you soul on the table or taken a leap of faith? How terrifying was that but you done it because you had courage and didn’t it feel amazing.

 Loving yourself allows you to pull a chair up at the table, lay all your cards down and walk away with grace if you didn’t get dealt a good hand.

 So for me this week things are uneasy, my energy is off and I’m feeling some level of self doubt about my new venture but I’m not going to worry about it or let it stop me from chasing my goals. I suppose apart of self love is believing in yourself even when you don’t have a clue what’s next

Am I scared? Yes

Am I Excited? Yes

Do I Believe in myself? Yes.

I will discuss these feelings in therapy this week with Vanessa, now ive opened my mind to my vulnerability it will be easier for me to reflect and understand this part of myself.

Until next time,

Stay Grateful

 Lydfit x

September 23, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

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