So, its here my website. 

I feel like I've been planning this for so long but always put the breaks on any kind of movement with my website. I wasn't sure why, until now. 

Honestly, I didn't understand what my purpose was, yes I was a personal trainer but for me that wasn't enough. I didn't have a burning desire or pang of excitement at the thought of creating a website based solely around fitness

It didn't excite me the thought of dieting down to do a website shoot and it didn't make my soul happy to sell body transformation packages when my passion is working on women as a whole! mind, body and self worth.

Recently it has come together like a beautiful flower after some due care and attention but I couldn't be happier that I finally have my vision out there for you all to see.  

It a crazy process figuring out what you want to do, I'm sure you can agree, I thought my career working for the Probation service was it but I guess life had a different plan. Honestly my vision and plans change all the time but my purpose remains the same and thats the thing that anchors me and grounds me in times of uncertainty and self doubt. 

If you feel it to understand its normal, we shouldn't stress about that. As long as we believe in ourselves, live to our values and commit to manifesting our goals everyday the process becomes a journey. 

Don't feel like you need to have it figured out when you hit 21, trust me you don't! I'm living proof of that ha! 


Love yourself and stay grateful


September 09, 2019 — Lydia McCartney

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